I peed myself I swear

I installed the Sims 3 and I was so excited to play that I didn’t even check the mods folder, because I had to remove a hair that I didn’t like. Whatever, I start playing and I wanted something new for Ariana, like a new hairstyle so I go to CAS through Nraas and I click this hairstyle that I didn’t remember but in the preview pic looked really good. However, the hair wouldn’t load and I was like “Fuck it, lemme play. I’ll change it later”, so I click accept to go back to live mode and BAM BOOM *Sparkles*, Ariana appears with a Skysims hair looking like this:

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Orgin User Names!










With the Cas demo now available to everyone and the game coming out soon what’s everyone’s user name?

Tumblr Name               Orgin Name 


Awwnooboo - LittleWing666

camillessims - petitebougie

Shipofsims - shipofsims

Cuteplumbbies - Romyntje

Mimisapje = mimisapje

Extractsims - ceelauz

knh330sim - knh330sims

usedtoplaygames - PoetRae

simmeronce - JManelKnowles

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eruwen replied to your photoset “Miss Laverne Cox You can find her in the gallery by searching…”

Ohhh really looks like her!

Thanks! <3

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I’m alive, just waiting to get the demo.

EA wanted me back today. 

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I’m alive, just waiting to get the demo.
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