A simmer that likes to sim while listening to Beyoncé.

"I’m not sure about this look Mark…"

"You look good Helen."

"No, I’m talking about you. You look like you wanna be from the hood sooooo bad."

"I know, that’s why I like it."

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*Phresh Out The Runway by Rihanna plays on the background as she walks away*

"Where are you going dressed like that Helen?"

"I’m going to slay these hoes."

"Well, you look like a mess."

"Don’t be a hater dear."

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"I guess it does taste good…"

Don’t be ungrateful, it tastes like heaven!

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Basically what the Text Says. EA has officially ignored Modders on this issue and maybe, just maybe with enough pushback from the community EA will actually listen and help us get it working. We need you to basically bring a big voice to the EA forums and push EA to give us alpha editable hairs. If you want to see hairs like this Anto 84 conversion up and running, then we need your help!! 

What you can do!

Here is the thread by me and Orangemittens on the issue (Post to this, Keep it bumped up to the top, make it known to EA that you want this to happen. Bump it higher than Snooki’s hair)

I usually don’t reblog stuff but this is important if we ever want ts4 sims to be able to compete with the look of ts3. ;_; Without this, it’s gonna be a whole lot of ea hair.

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Anonymous: like all white people you are appropiating black culture and black girls.fuck you

Here you go again. After 20 messages I’ll make your dreams come true and I’ll answer this. 

Let’s see what appropriate means:


And now let me clock you really fast because I wanna play The Sims 4:

  • I’ve never said that I created black girls nor black culture.
  • I try to embrace another culture but always consulting people who know that culture. Now, that’s called appreciation.
  • Just like I enjoy different cultures I like to support everyone who lives that culture, eg: When Mike Brown died, I tried to share everything I saw related to Ferguson. Same with Trayvon Martin’s case or the Palestine war. When you do that it means that you’re actually worried about it, and someone who appropiates a culture wouldn’t care.

Now dear anon go to sleep and enjoy this post. It’ll be the last one you’ll get from me.


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Anonymous: Are you deactivating?

Nope. I was too busy getting ready for school, that’s why I haven’t played. 

But my brother-in-law is sitting next to my computer and if he sees woohoo or some kind of romantic thing he’ll start asking questions and I’m not here for that so… I’ll go to sleep I guess.

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Anonymous: what sims 4 custom content do you use? how do you download it?

I use a lot of content but right now mostly clothes.

The #s4cc tag, MS4B and TSR are good places to find great CC. To install it just put the files that you downloaded inside the mods folder. 

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"Do you wanna have some fun?"

"Yes, but not your way hun"

c.  clintparton